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JEE is one of the toughest exams for which thousands of people work hard every year and try to crack. This exam is the opposite to the exam in school. A lot of work over many months and years is required. 

Commitment, focus and consistency in preparing candidates to take the JEE exam. Students must cover a vast syllabus taking months and years of hard work, commitment, and focus on preparing for the three subjects.

In today’s modern age, many supplementary resources like e-videos and study notes are available in other forms to make your exams easier. However, one constant factor can undo all your hard work. It is his book of choice for your study. 

If you go to the market and search for books, you will find heaps. Each book in it claims itself to be the best. So finding the right book becomes a headache, so we bring you some books to help you crack this exam.

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How is this book suitable for my JEE 2022 preparation?

Stay away from going for multiple books- Adding multiple books confuses you and creates a variety of questions by creating doubts in your mind; you should stick to some special books and NCERT books.

Consult and check– Consult your classmates and your teachers to select the right books and check their ratings and reviews to know the popularity of those books.

Latest is best – Go for the latest book editions that follow the syllabus of best books for JEE Mains & Advanced.

Easy to understand – Sometimes a book may be very popular, but you need help understanding its words. Best Books for Jee Advance You need to choose books that you can easily understand and properly explain its lesson to your friends.

Best Physics Book for JEE – 

This Concept of Physics is a great book to build your base and its topics to master your Physics lessons of Physics. 

It is a better book for best book for physics Jee advance. Although the language of the book is difficult to understand, it is best to understand the concepts with little effort.

HC Concepts of Physics by Verma – 

It is the most popular physics book for jee advanced book you will find for every student. It is almost synonymous with JEE exam. 

This book, written for true engineers, tackles one of the most intriguing questions that spark a keen interest in physics and its deviations. It can help you understand your challenging numerical and objective-type concepts correctly.

Understanding Physics by Pandey –

In this Understanding Physics set, the topics are divided into four main categories: as follows. Electricity and Magnetism, Mechanics (Volume 1 and 2), Optics and Modern Physics and Waves.

Provides detailed theoretical explanations along with figures for a better understanding of the books. 

After covering each topic, you must start practising to test your ability. This book is also very important among the best books for jee mains.

Best JEE 2022 Books for Chemistry –

Chemical Calculations by R.C. Mukherjee-

If you want to master physical chemistry, your best bet is to solve as many problems as possible. The modern approach to chemical calculations leaves students with only questions and even more questions. Is. It covers a wide variety of topics in a variety of ways. 

These practice problems and lots of solved examples help you understand the concepts better. It is the best physical chemistry book for Jee, which helps you to prepare better.

Organic Chemistry by OP Tandon-

Organic Chemistry is the only subject you can get completely or vice versa. You need a More detailed description of IUPAC nomenclature and properties of various organic compounds, and their reactions are given in a very nice way. 

Chemistry books for G are very good for getting familiar with the beauty of organic chemistry.

Best JEE 2022 Books for Mathematics

  • NCERT Mathematics for classes 11th and 12th
  • Objective Mathematics by R. D. Sharma
  • The Elements Of Coordinate Geometry by S. L. Loney
  • Algebra by Dr S. K. Goyal
  • Integral Calculus by Amit M. Agarwal


Best books for jee mains chosen by toppers you can complete your jee preparation very well because of these books

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By Scarlett Watson

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