Fri. Dec 8th, 2023


  • Great storyline elements 
  • Fighting
  • Magic
  • Travel


A big part of what made this game become so popular around the world was the great storyline for example at the start the boy falls of a bridge then he finds himself cut off from the village so he finds a mana sword which allows him to cut through the grass or plants here which in returns  brings back the monsters who attack him or the village since thye now want to stake the mana sword of him which makes him first his first boss as shown here .


Monster boss wise are so much fun overall  the bosses alone can make the game very enjoyable if you find any hard to win against just keep going up enough levels until you are strong enough plus buying the right amour can make big difference to having good enough health overall for the game play whenever you win against a boss you can go further such as the first boss to allow yu to go to the water palace the opera style of music in the mana make it very nice to listen to the music from the song the creator before the music clearly has a lot of music talent themselves for why the music has such a good emotion element behind all parts of the storyline to others in the world.


Cannon are like the starter way to travel around the world world it is pretty smarty you have so many different  parts of graphic such as somw showing like desserts,forests,snow,f antasy,space,castles,towns among other options giving you so many different places to see in it plus you can find secret  of  mana areas which can make replaying the game a lot of fun as a whole when you get further onto the game you will go into like Mushroom kingdom then beat boss here who gives you mana dragon known as Flamer who is to young or small to allow you to fly but during problem you have he flys to save you which is pretty cool when you et him and use his toy you drop around most parts of the game very effcient that alone makes the game one of the best from the travel elements.


You get two characters one small girl from Mana village which the Dwarf guy addots who becomes your mana attack ccharacter theolder lady becomes more like your mid strength or defense but also gives you healt sspellswhich is very uusefulhrough the game .


Upgrading the weapons such as swords or bow and arrow or whip is good way to get your attach better and better weapons can do different things such as whip can allow you go for away part of the areas of each stage so making sure one of your character uses this is good idea to have them plus bow and arrow for the short character to give distance  attacks is good here and the boy to use the sword to give him good physical attacks here on close combat is good to apply here.