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You exchanged vows and are now prepared to announce to the world your marriage. You probably feel that posting a picture on social media doesn’t do your wedding justice and you want to shout it from the mountain tops with how excited you are. A wedding announcement is what you really need. A classy way to tell your friends and family the good news is with a wedding announcement video card.

Discover the best ways to create and send stunning wedding announcement video cards to commemorate your special day.

Do Wedding Announcements Exist Today?

You might envision a formal announcement in the Sunday paper when you hear the phrase “wedding announcements”. Even though that picture is dated, the idea is still valid. Nowadays, however, couples have more choices for how to spread the good news.

It’s simple to need clarification because there are several essential video cards that must be sent out around your wedding. Here is a quick explanation of each video card and its function to help you understand how wedding announcements fit into your schedule.

Save the Dates:

creating a video to share on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook that informs wedding guests of the time and date of your upcoming event.


A formal outline of your wedding’s details and what to expect.

Wedding Announcements:

You are informing everyone of your new life after the wedding.

Love Story theme:

You can also share your love in your announcement video but for that, you need to hire a designer that can animate the love story video.

Wedding announcements are different from save the dates and invitations in that they do not inform guests of the wedding. Instead, they are announcements that you send out as soon as your wedding plans are finalized to let everyone know that you are getting married to the love of your life!

In the past, couples would publish cards or newspaper ads to announce their engagement. While some can still do this, it isn’t as common these days—especially since many people no longer read newspapers. These days, video cards used to announce weddings are more prevalent. According to Instagram statistics, 20.5 billion users use reels daily.

The event is summarized in a wedding announcement. The friend might still be interested in learning about the wedding even if they weren’t there. A wedding announcement should contain the following information:

Your name (you can use your married name!)

Parents’ names

Wedding details like the location and date

Additional information about the ceremony or each other

Persons Who Get Wedding Announcements

Anyone who wasn’t present should receive wedding announcements. You should send wedding invitation cards to those you invited but couldn’t invite. However, you can also send cards to people who weren’t invited but would prefer to hear the news directly from you rather than through social media or a third party.

It’s not rude to send invitations to people you didn’t invite to the wedding. Friends frequently appreciate the effort. Most people are aware that weddings don’t always have enough space. By sending an announcement video so they can still join in on the celebration, you can demonstrate that you still value those friends and are thinking of them.

Tips For Making Announcements Memorable

Make your wedding announcements stand out by using these five suggestions.

1. Tell More Details

Include a distinctive detail about the wedding in your wedding announcement to make it more unique and memorable. For instance, you might write, “We were married in a small ceremony, surrounded by dear friends, family, and budding hydrangeas.

By adding more imagery and color, these particulars bring the wedding to life.

2. Do Not Mention Gift-Giving

Avoid mentioning your registry or making it seem as though you are expecting a gift when making your wedding announcements.

It’s possible that some recipients will want to give a gift. especially the people you invited but couldn’t make it. Most frequently, these recipients will get in touch with you and inquire about your gift policy or gift registry. You can then divulge registry information at that time.

You could also link people to the website for your wedding, where they can see photos of the celebration. Your registry may be on the website.

3. Be Remarkable In Your Design

You may want to use one of the many photos your photographer just took on your special day as your announcement. The announcements couldn’t be designed or sent out until weeks after the ceremony if you used photos from your wedding. By then, the majority of your friends would be aware of your significant news, and the element of surprise would be lost.

Use other distinctive design elements to tell your love story instead of pictures. As an illustration, think about using lovely letterpress printed invitations for your wedding announcement, then include a link to your wedding website where you can post pictures from the celebration once the photographer shares them with you. You can print the announcements prior to the wedding and send them soon after by omitting the image portion.

4. Use Digital Announcements Over Printed Cards

Because they are easy to create and send, digital announcements are very popular. To make it even more memorable, you can include your actual love story in video form and share it with everyone.

5. Instantly Share The Wedding Announcement

Traditionally, wedding announcements were published right away after the event. Therefore, three to six weeks prior to the event, the couple’s parents would send the announcement to the media. The announcement would then follow the ceremony and be published in the Sunday morning newspaper.

Thank goodness for video cards that make wedding announcements much easier to understand than newspaper announcements. Even so, you should think about placing the video order at least six weeks before the nuptials. You have enough time to choose a suitable layout and wording thanks to this schedule.

At Last

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