Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

There are many types of pests that can invade your home and cause damage to your property. The good news is that pest control professionals can help you get rid of them and keep your home safe and healthy. Most pest control  | Charlotte NC companies use chemicals to kill pests and keep them away. However, some use non-toxic methods instead.

Pest Types

Charlotte NC is home to a wide variety of pests. Some are more harmful than others, but all of them pose a risk to homeowners and their property. Termites, for example, are a big problem for Charlotte residents. Their damage is substantial, costing homeowners billions of dollars each year. In addition, they’re extremely hard to get rid of unless you call a professional. They can burrow through walls and other structures, destroying everything from wood to paper and drywall. Rodents can be even more damaging. They can contaminate food and cause health problems for people living in the area. The best way to prevent rodents is to keep your house clean and dry. It’s also important to avoid storing food in damp areas, like basements or attics.

Pest Control Methods

Pests can be an annoyance or cause structural damage to your home. The best way to protect your property and keep pests away is to set up routine pest control services. There are a number of different pest control methods available to homeowners in Charlotte. Some are more effective than others. The best pest control method depends on the type of pests you’re dealing with. For example, termites require more aggressive treatment than rodents or ants. If you want to reduce pests around your house, a good first step is to eliminate their food sources. This means storing all leftovers in airtight containers or switching to pet food that comes in resealable bags. Another important factor is to make sure that all entry points are professionally sealed. Rats and mice can chew through electrical wiring, drywall, and floorboards to gain access to your home. They can also spread diseases, including leptospirosis, hantavirus, and tularemia.

Choosing the Right Company

One of the most important things you can do is choose the right company for the job. You want a company that you can thrive in and work with great people – all while sustaining a work ethic that gets you ahead. Choosing the right company also means aligning your personal values with their goals and vision. This way, you’ll feel comfortable working for them and fostering a relationship that lasts over the long term. Another thing to consider is whether the company uses integrated pest management (IPM) techniques. These methods study pest life cycles and how they interact with the environment, using less toxic alternatives where possible. You can also check with your local Better Business Bureau to find out how a company has been rated by past customers. The reviews can give you a good idea of how well they treated their clients.


Pests can ruin your property and health by eating food, destroying materials, and transmitting diseases. But with some careful planning and the help of a Charlotte pest control professional, you can keep your home free of unwanted pests. One common method of prevention is to avoid pests in the first place by maintaining clean and sanitary areas around your home or business. This includes keeping trash out, removing standing water, and maintaining landscaping that reduces the space for pests to nest and breed. Another preventive measure is to schedule a termite inspection, ensuring that these destructive insects don’t infest your property. Orkin offers both indoor and outdoor termite treatments that utilize Termidor liquid to protect your home or business. Other common pests in Charlotte are mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, and rodents. These pests pose risks to your safety, especially if they bite you or are able to enter your property through small gaps in the walls and floors.