Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Mouldings, rockeries, sinuous curves, pastel colours, gilding, noble materials, romantic motifs… A Rococo style interior is recognizable at first sight. Do you want to adopt it in your home as a small touch for a contemporary interior? Here are our tips.

What are the codes of the Rococo style in interior decoration?

Born in the 1700s in France, the Rococo style is an extension of the Baroque. If both are characterized by pomp, splendor, sophistication and flamboyant details, they stand out in terms of colors. Shades are softer in the Rococo style. The two currents are also differentiated by their curves and their prints. In the Rococo style, rectangular shapes are excluded and the patterns are inspired by nature.

The Rococo had its peak under Louis XV. More than a decorative current, it was truly a lifestyle. The latter advocated an ode to pleasures, to celebration, to luxury… The aristocrats of the time wanted to enjoy life. In the interiors, this translated into rooms with boudoir, intimate, romantic and mysterious atmospheres.

To create a Rococo style interior:

  1. Exit the rectangular lines, in a Rococo interior, it is necessary to favor rounded shapes whether for the sofa, the dining table, the cupboards or the chairs. Check for more! Decorative elements like mirrors are also in oval shapes. Avoid all square shapes.
  2. In a Rococo interior, luxurious elements that take up space are king. Above all, do not be afraid of what is too big, too imposing, too excessive. Overdoing it is the epitome of this decorative style.
  3. A Rococo interior should exude an elegant and intimate atmosphere. The harmony between the thousand and one elements is very important.
  4. The colors in the Rococo style are contrary to what we think very soft, we like pastel and natural shades. The gilding enhances the latter.

How to adopt the Rococo style in a contemporary interior?

In a contemporary interior, we adopt the Rococo style in small touches. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you borrow certain elements that you combine with a more modern decoration. Here are 10 tips for adopting the Rococo style in your interior in a subtle but frank way.

  1. Bet on pastel tones: pale pink, water green, light blue, peach, lemon yellow, cream…
  2. Add gilding. Whether with decorative elements such as candle holders, frames, vases, on textiles or even with wallpaper, touches of gilding are needed. Seats with gilded legs or large mirrors with gilded moldings are popular.
  3. Choose decorative elements that impose such as a chandelier with pearls, an XXL mirror, large chandeliers, a bookcase that is installed on a whole section of the wall, a marble table.
  4. For lighting, bet on wall sconces reminiscent of the Rococo era.
  5. Velvet is an ally. A velvet sofa or velvet cushions will find their place in a Rococo interior.
  6. For the floor, bet on tiles with patterns or with a checkerboard effect. If you don’t have the option of changing the upholstery, add rugs.
  7. Curves are an essential part of the Rococo style.
  8. Embroideries will add the essential finishes to the Rococo style. A cushion, a hanging or a plaid will fit into your interior. In addition to these, many textiles are adopted in a Rococo interior: linen, lace, silk, satin…
  9. Install crystal glasses and porcelain dishes in a cabinet with glass panes for the kitchen.
  10. A Rococo interior must have moldings. Just by adding moldings to the walls, to the ceilings, to a bookcase, you will transform your interior in a rococo style.