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As you are aware, the number of gadgets that can access the web has skyrocketed in recent years. Additionally, it has prompted the emergence of smart gadgets with a range of capabilities, pixel densities, form factors, and resolutions. You may learn about the newest web design tools that have emerged in recent years and what is now popular by reading the information below! This is only the beginning; in the years to come, we’ll see more individuals accessing websites using many other gadgets.

Although there are many intricacies in the realm of web design, there are some brilliant, downright inventive solutions that help to simplify a challenging process. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent web design tools and responsive resources to hit the web.

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 Foundation by ZURB:

 The “most sophisticated frontend framework that is more responsive” is said to be Foundation by ZURB. It is now created specifically for mobile devices and uses a philosophy of gradual upgrade to expand the capabilities of the device. Additionally, it facilitates enhanced picture prototyping with any UI interface.


Developed for the Bootstrap framework, Jetstrap is a visual interface creation tool. By simply dragging and dropping User-Interface components onto the canvas, designers can now put together prototypes more quickly. It doesn’t require any frontend development expertise and is incredibly simple to use.


This open source WordPress theme manual will assist you in developing custom frontend styles. It offers an improved work flow, makes testing simpler, and acts as a helpful reference.

CS6 Dreamweaver:

This version resolves all issues from the earlier one and offers the greatest options with additional features. The most recent Adobe version is quite helpful in that it offers enhancements to fluid layouts and PhoneGap compatibility, which makes it very popular.


This program makes it extremely simple to create and use custom icon fonts. They provide Retina and other high resolution screens an experience independent of resolution. Pro : 

It is a very simple tool for presenting responsive patterns more quickly. Popular things like Sass, JavaScript libraries, and more are already incorporated into it. As you enter, you may even immediately see the results of the code on various computing devices. It is a fantastic tool with intriguing features that allow you to view the outcome right away.

Gridset :

Gridset allows web designers and developers to design, prototype, and build custom, responsive grid-based layouts for their projects. It can create any type of grid you require, from regular columnar grids like those in CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap.

It works with different content management systems, including Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, as well as popular graphics applications like Photoshop and Fireworks.


Responsive web design is recommended by Google, it allows one website to provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes.

As the tech industry continues to develop new devices, with new capabilities and limitations, the challenges we face as web designers will inevitably change. 

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By Scarlett Watson

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