Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Today Everyone is busy in their life, they don’t have enough time to spend on laptops. They usually use the mobile phone most of the time. With the digital revolution, everybody is busy spending more time on social media or apps. So every business must convert WordPress website to mobile app that is very easy to use and convenient also. Through the mobile app, businesses can get more conversion rate and loaded features that they don’t get on the website. There are many best plugins to convert WordPress sites into mobile apps.

The best plugins to convert WordPress sites into mobile apps are:-

1. Appilix

Appilix is used for development purposes free of cost. In Appilix you will get many features like fast build time, push notifications, real-time layout design, customizable app colors, etc. To live on google play, you have to buy a subscription amount of $30 per year. This is the best plugins to convert WordPress sites in to mobile apps.

2. APP My Site

With this plugin, you can make an app in just four simple steps. You get many features like a page customization option, automatic import menus, social attractions, payments gateways support, priority support, unlimited app revision, white label app, monetization options, etc. You can make an app free of cost. To live on the google play store you have to take a subscription of $108 per year. With 7000 downloads as well as a 4.5/5 rating on google it is trendy for converting sites into apps.

3. APP Presser

If you want to build a professional app, with no code uses, and customize it as much as you like then App presser is the perfect plugin to convert a site into a mobile app. This Plugin helps to submit automatically at google play and ios. Many features like drag and drop page, customize unlimited color and layout, as well as good customer support. This is the best plugins to convert WordPress sites into mobile apps.

4. Apps Geyser

This plugin is very easy to use as you have to just choose a free template and then fill the forms of certain pages with the relevant content. If you have a basic knowledge of computers then you should follow the instructions and with the help of tools you can make an app with no coding. You have just to do 5 steps and then sit relax and see your app ready after a short time.

5. WP MObile.App

This plugin helps to create and refine your app for free before launching it on the app store. The price structure of this plugin is amazing. To live on google and ios you have to pay only one time which gives lifetime coverage. Many features like a customized theme with 20 widgets, 3 app menus, automatic update of new content, unlimited push notifications, built-in search functions, social sharing, unlimited downloads, etc. With 6000 downloads as well as a 4.5/5 rating it is also trendy among users.

6.App maker[Woo commerce]

The plugin is very popular among online stores because it increases conversions. Converting the site into an app helps you and people to continuously shop on your app without distracting from other sites. They get the option to add several different products as well as use their cards etc. very easily. Many features you will get from the plugin like a drag-drop app builder, currency and language switcher, multi-language support, log-in via social page, products filter, and sorting, catalog mode support, featured grocery apps, product shipping, and order tracking, app coupon promotions, etc. To live on google play or apple play you have to take a subscription of $99 for the first year. After subscription, you get extra features like payment gateway support, up to three homepages, etc. With 5000 downloads and 4.5/5 ratings, it is a trendy app.

7. Andro App

Many features are loaded in this plugin like Customize app color, multiple themes, dynamic settings like menu, unlimited push notifications, monetization, social media sharing,  comment support, zoom, share and save images, unlimited scroll on the home screen, and tags pages as well as analytics. It is the best alternative with a low-cost subscription and you also get a free version with display ads only.

8. Wapp Press

This is the best plugin to convert WordPress sites in to mobile apps in real-time. A major drawback of the plugin is that you can only make apps for google play, not for ios which are slightly disappointing. With this plugin you will get a fifteen days free subscription on google play, After that, you have to choose a subscription at a very low cost. Many features are included like push notifications, monetization, a 15-day free trial, automatic content updates, suitable for WooCommerce as well as amazon sites, etc.

9. Blappsta

The plugin helps you to see after converting a site into an app with app preview features at no cost. Many features you will get in this plugin like a customized home screen, navigation bar, the flexibility of content, social media sharing, etc. You have to take a subscription to show live on android as well as ios operating system.


10. Mobiloud

Mobiloud is the latest premium plugin to develop sites into the mobile app for both Android as well as ios operating systems. It provides many features like automated update content, unlimited push notifications, etc. With 500 times downloads and a 5/5 star rating, it is a very trendy plugin across the world.

11. Worona

Worona is a free plugin and the best plugins to convert WordPress sites in to mobile apps. Here you get instant articles for Facebook and featured Google AMP. Many features are included in this like multiple themes, Google analytics, unlimited push notifications, HTML5 web app, etc.


Today every business is using a mobile app for growing their business. Everybody is using apps for many things instead of going to websites. There are many plugins available for converting websites into mobile apps without coding, and at a little low cost. You can live your app on android as well as ios operating system to boost your growth. This plugin help make sites more convenient or user-friendly for smooth operation and increase user experience.

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