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Back pain could result from injuries, such as those caused by a fall or an accident. There are different causes of back pain that can be managed with time. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to the ways to avoid back pain so that you do not suffer from health issues in the near future.

But, sometimes, back discomfort is caused by daily actions that are not done correctly, like being in one spot for long periods bent to hold the vacuum cleaner’s hose or securing shopping bags improperly. Checkups Medical Hub, an Online Pharmacy Kenya, allows people to order online doctor-prescribed medicines and get them at their doorsteps. It also offers to book an appointment for health-related consultations through an online doctor. 

The good news is that avoiding back pain isn’t a huge challenge, typically requiring minor changes to your lifestyle or following a few ways to avoid back pain which can soon become an integral part of your routine.

Maintain An Appropriate Weight

Being healthy is one of the best ways to avoid back pain. Weight gain can stress your back and cause discomfort. A balanced diet packed with vegetables and fruits, and foods that are less processed will help you to keep your weight in the appropriate range and help keep your back in great shape.

You can relax at your desk or at your home with your back to the seats, with your shoulders at a level that is comfortable, and pulling back your shoulders, and knees to just below the level of your hips and your arms straight to the floor. The idea is to lessen the strain on the muscles in your lower back while keeping your natural posture of sitting.

Make Sure Your Shoes Are Appropriate

Your shoes play a major role in the position of your back. Shoes offer a cushioning effect when repeated hits fall on your spine as you engage in any task. Wear shoes that provide an effective cushioning effect to walk in.

Avoid wearing shoes with heels because they can tilt your feet, creating tension in your neck, spine, and shoulders. Make sure your shoes provide the proper arch support to ensure the proper alignment of your legs and lower back.

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Have A Lot Of Breaks

In the event that you are working in an office environment, you should take a break of 20 seconds in the 10th minute. Otherwise, stand and stretch every 20 minutes. Set alarms to stop and stand for at minimum 2 minutes while in a calm area free of your computer.

This improves blood flow and relaxes muscles and joints that are tight. Additionally, it permits the eyes to adapt, and this can prevent you from developing vision problems related to computers.

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A Massage Is A Great Way To Relax

It is among the most effective ways to avoid back pain. Massages for the back can have many benefits, such as improving blood flow, loosening muscles and connective tissues that are tight, and promoting a sense of calm.

While a massage does not require much force in order for it to be relaxing, There is evidence that suggests that a moderately-intensity massage may offer more benefits to relaxation than a relaxing massage.

Avoid High-Heeled Shoes

High-heeled shoes can alter your body’s center of gravity and stress your lower spine. Make sure your heel is one inch. If you have to go higher, wear shoes that have low heels. Shoes with high heels while climbing place extra stress on your spine and muscle.

Choose The Perfect Handbag Or Briefcase

Choose a bag or briefcase that has a large flexible strap that’s long enough to reach up to your shoulders. Messenger bags are made to be carried in this way. The strap at the other end of the bag can help to distribute the burden more equally.

It can also help keep your shoulders in a straight line and keep your back in posture. If you’re carrying a bulky bag that does not have straps, the best way to carry it is by hand to keep the weight from being placed on one part or part of the body.

Be Cautious When Lifting

Don’t bend your waist when lifting large objects. Squat, lower your knees while pulling your stomach muscles. You should ensure that the object is kept to your body when standing up.

Utilize your legs to lift instead of your back. Be sure to keep your body from twisting when you lift if you are able to push instead of pulling weighty objects. The push is less strain to carry on your back.

Lighten Your Wallet

A wallet that’s too full could cause back pain. In the event that you’re sitting down for a long time while driving or in the office chair, you should remove your wallet from your pocket.

Stress Reduction is One Of The Ways to Avoid Back Pain

It is not obvious how much stress can alter your back health. Stress can trigger you to contract your muscles, and the continual tension can cause back pain. Anything that helps you reduce stress can assist in the prevention of back discomfort. The best ways to avoid back pain are yoga, meditation as well as deep breaths.

Stop Smoking

It’s well-known that smoking cigarettes increases the risk of developing heart disease and cancer, which includes lung and colon cancers. Many people don’t realize that smoking cigarettes could cause chronic back pain. Studies suggest smoking cigarettes can trigger back discomfort that is already more than usual.

It’s not clear what the effects of smoking cigarettes are on back health care. It’s possible that smoking causes the narrowing of blood vessels. Blood vessels that narrow result in lower levels of nutrients and oxygen to get toward the back. This means that the spine is more vulnerable to injury and less likely to heal.

Sit Properly

Do you know the most effective ways to avoid back pain while sitting at your desk or at home? It is to not only slouch. It is important to ensure that the upper and lower spines, as well as the lumbar curve, are in an upright position.

Increase Your Calcium Intake And Vitamin D Intake

Strong bones can prevent osteoporosis. It’s one of the primary causes of back pain late in life, specifically for women. Keep your spine and bones healthy by taking plenty of calcium and vitamin D.

Calcium is in yogurt, milk as well as leafy greens, and vitamin supplements. Vitamin D can be found in egg yolks and cheese.


Reduce the risk of being afflicted by lower back discomfort by doing simple lifestyle adjustments. If you are suffering from back discomfort, you should not ignore it. It could be a sign that you’re suffering from a major issue. Talk to your doctor about the symptoms you’re experiencing. Follow these most effective ways to avoid back pain. 

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