Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
Why Instagram bug

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The first step to solving a problem on Instagram is already to understand why Instagram is buggy. Once you know the cause of your failure, you can find a solution.

We have listed all the most common Instagram problems and how to fix an Instagram bug for you. All you have to do is let this article guide you to get an answer to your Instagram problems.

Why does Instagram bug?

Why does Instagram bug? This a question that can be difficult to answer. Tracking common social network issues or worldwide news and outages. It is often not straightforward to know what the problem is with the app.

To help you, we have listed the most common problems on social networks that have been encountered by thousands of users. You will find your Insta bug.

We will see a little further down what are the solutions to these problems and what are steps to follow.

List of the biggest Instagram bugs:

  • I can’t log in to the app. Whether on your phone (iPhone or Android), you cannot access the content of the social network. The login system does not work.
  • The problem of publication in feed and story. You want to publish photos or videos to your audience, but you can’t. The app tells you that it’s impossible to post right now and try again later. Your publications may therefore not be posted at the right time.
  • Unable to load content and refresh your news feed. You want to use your Instagram account, browse through your followers’ accounts, and see the latest posts, but the app doesn’t display them and gives you an error message.
  • I am not receiving messages and cannot send them. The purpose of social networks is to be able to exchange with friends, community, and other users. But what to do when you can no longer send or receive a message reply?
  • Bulk subscriptions. Your account is massively following dozens of accounts and you keep getting new followers. We have written an entire article dedicated to this problem. Read the article Best Website to Buy Instagram Followers.

All of these Instagram glitches and bugs can be common. However, a general Instagram outage rarely happens (once every 8 months or so). So if you encounter any of these insta issues regularly, keep reading to learn how to fix an Instagram bug.

How do I check if Instagram is working?

If you have a problem on Instagram, but don’t know why. The first thing to do is to check if Instagram is not having a despread problem. In this case, all accounts will be affected and you will just have to wait for Insta to fix this problem.

This site lists all the problems encountered by users of the social network. If you see a huge spade, that means a lot of users sent a signal to say they had a problem. Downdetector then compiles the data to give you a more accurate idea of ​​the fault.

You can then compare if your problem is the same as the reported bugs. If so, you will have to wait for a reaction from the Insta team. If not, you can try the steps below to fix the Instagram bug you have.

How to fix an Instagram bug?

Now that you know why Instagram bugs, it’s time to try to solve your problem. For this, you can follow different steps in a specific order.

These steps are intended to help you get your account going again by making sure everything is running smoothly. They work regardless of your device (Android, iPhone, phone, or computer).

If implemented well, you should be able to use your Instagram account within minutes. Let’s start by detailing these solutions:

1- Check your internet connection

The first step may seem obvious, but not everyone does it. Check your internet connection. Make sure your cellular data is active and/or you are connected to WiFi.

Without an internet connection, it is normal that you cannot connect to the app or that your publications and stories do not publish.

2- Update your app

The second solution is to update your Instagram app. You need to make sure you have the latest update on your smartphone to be able to use all the features.

Next, if you are on iPhone or Android, you can go to the app store or the Google play store, then search for the Instagram application.

If an update is available, just click the “Update” button to download it.

Make sure once again that you are not in airplane mode and that you are connected to the internet via wifi or cellular data.

Once the update is done, relaunch Instagram and use the social network.