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 Why is the frame linked to the floor for all nmos and now no longer to VDD?

 To save your latch-up in CMOS, the frame-supply and frame-drain diodes need to now no longer be ahead biased; i.e, the frame terminal need to be at identical or lesser voltage than the supply terminal (for an NMOS; for a  vdd PMOS, it need to be at better voltage than supply). What happens if you connect vdd to ground

This circumstance can be happy if we join all of the nmos our bodies to their respective sources. But we see that each one of the frame terminals is linked to a not unusualplace floor.

This is because of the motive that each one of the nmos transistors proportions a not unusualplace substrate, and a substrate can handiest be biased to at least one voltage. Although it introduces frame impact and makes transistors slower and deviates from the perfect most modern equation, there’s no different manner.

One should gain one-of-a-kind frame voltage for all nmos transistors with the aid of using setting all transistors in one-of-a-kind wells, however, that could suggest a wonderful penalty in phrases of the region as there desires to be minimal length and separation that desires to be maintained that’s large in contrast to transistor sizes. This is the motive why the frame is hooked up to the floor for all NMOS.

What Does Ground (GND) Mean?

Ground, withinside the context of electronics, is the reference factor for all indicators or a not unusualplace route in an electrical circuit from which all the voltages may be measured. This is likewise referred to as the not unusualplace drain because the voltage size alongside it’s far 0.

The ground may also consult with the earth floor, actually connecting the electric gadget to the floor to save your personal touch with excessive voltages.

Techopedia explains Ground (GND)

Ground or grounding at first commenced as a protection degree to save you from unintentional electrocution. Take for instance the v d d case of a fridge with a steel frame, if for a few motives, the frame will become electrically charged, there could be nowhere for the energy to move because it has rubber feet, till any person by chance touches it and is shocked.

The ground approaches something completely one-of-a-kind for digital circuits.

It is taken into consideration because the not unusualplace reference factor to degree voltage towards any factor of the circuit and is taken into consideration to have 0 voltage. It is likewise the not unusualplace connection that each electric additive should connect with in a single manner or every other to finish the circuit.