Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
Signs Your Kids Need ABA Therapy

Making their kids learn different things can be the world’s most difficult task for many parents. However, it can be way easier by using the right techniques. The learning process is difficult for kids at the start, but they have fresh minds and can pick things good if they like them. You just need to make sure you are using the right method. However, sometimes your kids don’t learn anything despite all your efforts. Even highly qualified and special teachers cannot understand their behavior. If your kids, too, are having this issue, then it’s bad news for you. They may have autism.


The best thing you can do for your autistic kids is to take them to a therapist. ABA therapy in Dubai can help your kids to show normal behaviors and make them learn new things quickly. However, the main concern is how would you find out if your children need ABA therapy. Don’t worry! You just need to look for some signs in your kids.

Signs Your Children Need ABA Therapy in Dubai 

Following are the signs that indicate your kids’ are dealing with autism and you need to take them for ABA therapy. 

Trouble in Showing Emotions 

Children’s emotions are the first thing they use for communication. However, sometimes they don’t show these basic emotions. Smiling, weeping, etc. are the basic emotions of kids that help them to communicate with people around them, especially their parents. If you see your kids are not showing these emotions or failing to decide when they have to represent their emotions, then they are dealing with autism. You need to take them to an ABA therapist immediately.

Setting to School 

It is normal for kids of age 3 or 4 to start school. They start learning different things in school. They may face a few adjustment issues for the first few days but then they understand it’s normal and start making new friends at school. However, if you feel your kids are disturbed even after 3 or 4 weeks of their school admission, then they are dealing with some mental health problems. 


The best way to check if your kids have adjusted in school or not is to ask from their teachers. If your children start weeping at school time or do other things to avoid going to school, it means they are not adjusted there. In these conditions, you need to look for a child therapist and opt for ABA therapy.

Struggle in Communication 

Kids are usually very talkative and express whatever they think. They never hesitate to communicate with people around them, especially those whom they know very well. Some kids may not be very talkative but they too communicate well with their parents and other relatives. If you observe your kids are struggling in communicating with you or other people, you need to take them for ABA therapy.

No Social Interactions 

It’s quite normal for kids to be shy. Sometimes they don’t want to meet with guests. However, after some time, they get adjusted and communicate with them. But if your kids don’t like meeting with others even when they are around most of the time it means they are struggling to develop social interactions. Mental issues such as autism may be the reasons behind this lack of social interactions. If you observe your kids don’t like to visit crowded places or don’t meet guests you need to take them for ABA therapy

No Friends 

Some kids don’t like to make so many friends. But they have a few friends with whom they play and enjoy. However, if your kids don’t have any friends at all it means they need to have behavioral therapy. Your kids prefer to spend most of their time at home. They don’t go to parks or other places. Their physical activity may also reduce because they don’t make friends to play with. Lack of communication skills and developing social interactions are the key reasons behind this.

Sudden Drop in Grades 

Not all children are capable of bringing A+ grades every year. However, parents know very well about the mental and physical capabilities of their children. Similarly, their past results also reflect their capability. If you observe your children’s grades dropping suddenly without any clear reason, it means your kids have been dealing with a mental health issue. Most probable chances are of autism, therefore you must take your kids for ABA therapy.

Involve in Fights 

Most children suffering from autism tend to live alone. They often ignore other people’s presence. However, they can get involved in several fights as well. If they feel someone is trying to get closer to them, they can fight with them. Most of the fights may be in schools. If you often see a torn shirt, ink on the uniform, and other similar things, it means your kids are fighting every other day. Furthermore, they don’t bother to reply to your queries related to these fights. In such conditions, it is mandatory to take them to a therapist. 


It is common for kids to have nightmares. However, when the nightmares are continuous and your kids get frightened by them, then it’s a symptom of autism. Most of these dreams are related to someone killing them or their close ones. Kids may wake up after such nightmares due to fear and don’t sleep for the whole night.

Harming Animals

You always teach your children to not harm animals. And they also don’t like to harm them. However, when they are dealing with a mental health problem like autism, they may like to do so. If you observe your kids are tending to catch animals, harm them, and don’t feel bad for their pain it means they need ABA therapy.

Bottom Line 

If you observe any of these symptoms in your kids, it means they need ABA therapy. Take them to Camali Clinic Dubai, as the most experienced child therapists are present there to provide ABA therapy to your kids.