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Local Food And Cafes In Rishikesh

Local food and cafes in Rishikesh

Is there any special local dish or place in Rishikesh that you must try? In one line, yes, there are many here for you.

We found an exciting restaurant called Chotiwala near Ram Jhula. Chotiwala means a man wearing a braid. And so, you’ll see a man sitting at the entrance of the restaurant, sitting straight as a stick, with a huge ponytail. And yes, you can take selfies with them too. One confusing thing is that there were two top-notch restaurants (next to each other). We cannot say which one is real as both have the same representation. Maybe both are brothers or something. Thereafter, believing the internet, we went to Little Buddha Cafe, a few meters ahead of Laxman Jhula. The front entrance is tiny, and you might not even notice it if you pass by suddenly. However, once you step inside, you will surely appreciate it for its presentation of the Ganga with the mountain backdrop, the exquisite setting and the mesmerizing views. It is a different pleasure to have tea and parathas with the views here. There are many cafes like this in Rishikesh, but I definitely feel that you will not find the real essence of the city in these cafes. For that, you have to be local and travel like people do on open roads and busy streets. If you come around October, you will see a fruit named after Lord Rama in the streets of Rishikesh. It’s called Ramphal, and you can taste it from any of the many vendors near Ram Jhula and Parmarth Niketan. You can rent a car rental Rishikesh for visiting all these places in Rishikesh.

Here is a list of local delicacies and places to try in Rishikesh:

Where is the place name located?

  1. Chotiwala Restaurant Near Ram Jhula
  2. Little Buddha Cafe Near Laxman Jhula
  3. Ram Jhula and Parmarth Niketan Ashram Near Ram Phal 

Activities to do in Rishikesh

Most of the adventure activities in Rishikesh are available on the outskirts of the city. For example, Shivpuri is where white water river rafting begins, Mohan Chatti for bungee jumping (operated by Jumpin’ Heights), and Air Safaris conduct most of the air expeditions.

Though these activities take place on the outskirts, the agencies conducting them have their offices at various places inside Rishikesh. You can easily find their addresses and phone numbers with a simple Google search.

Here’s a list of activities you can do here, along with where you can do them (with links):

Activities you can do where

Yoga and Meditation There are many yoga and meditation centers in the city. Parmarth Niketan and Sivananda Ashram are on top.

White water river rafting in Shivpuri. You can find many agencies in Tapovan, Jonk, and in the city.

Bungee Jumping Powered by Jumpin Heights.

Paragliding Air Safaris conducts mostly aerial expeditions.

Camping Camping is included in most of the Rishikesh travel packages. Alternatively, you can contact the travel agencies available in Tapovan or Jonk.

Trekking You can go trekking on your own or go with a guide to the waterfall. Contact the property you are staying at or contact a travel agency in the city.

There are many Ayurveda centers offering Ayurvedic treatments and massages as well as massages like yoga. You can choose Brahma Yoga and Naturopathy or Hemadri Ayurveda Centre; Both of them are famous.

What souvenirs to buy in Rishikesh?

Souvenirs are the best way to take home the essence of a place as a memento. They act as locks to the box of memories you create in that place.

Rishikesh has some important items that you can buy as souvenirs. For a more in-depth guide on souvenirs, you can read Indiatails’ post. Here is a list of the top souvenirs that you can buy in Rishikesh:

T-shirts and kurtas with “Ram Ram” and “Om” prints

religious books



Pooja items – bells, plates and other items.

Sanitation and Public Toilets

How is the cleanliness and availability of public toilets in Rishikesh?

Team Misfit spent around 3-4 days in Rishikesh, and most of the time we were out and about. We had to use public restrooms frequently, and we’re happy to inform you that they are available near most attractions. Some are run by the ashram and some by the city administration – Sulabh Complex.

Means of transportation and distance between attractions

Most of the attractions are near the city center and landmarks like Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula. However, adventure activities mostly take place on the outskirts. Usually all these are at a distance of 16-18 km from Tapovan and Jonk. Moreover, most of the waterfalls are also located on the outskirts. Also, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple is about 34 km from Rishikesh.

How to reach Rishikesh?

By Rail

The railway station of Rishikesh is Yog Nagari Rishikesh. This is the most beautiful station, which we ourselves witnessed. The main city is around 2-4 km from the station.

By Road

You can catch a direct Uttarakhand Transport Corporation bus from Delhi’s Kashmere Gate ISBT to Rishikesh or Haridwar (which is 35 km from Rishikesh). If you reach Haridwar,

From there, there are frequent buses and local transport available for Rishikesh.

By Air

Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the nearest airport, which is approximately 21 km from Rishikesh. There are regular flights from the national capital Delhi. Taxis are easily available to reach Rishikesh.

Best time to go

Although Rishikesh receives visitors every month of the year, the best time to visit Rishikesh varies from person to person. It depends on various factors and your preferences, such as weather, activities, crowds, and more.

Please refer to this table to determine the best time for you to visit Rishikesh:

Best Time To Visit Your Choice

You want to do adventure activities ( peak season ) along with enjoying Rishikesh. march to June

You want to enjoy winter in the mountains. October to February

You want to travel comfortably, away from the crowds (off-season). July, August, December, and January

You want to visit during Char Dham Yatra. May to October

You only want adventure activities. Every month except the months falling in the rainy season from July to September.