Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
Job-Oriented Courses In The Domain Of Skin And Beauty


If you want beauty and cosmetology to be more than just your passion, then you have landed on the right article page. Beauty and cosmetology are listed among the most skill-oriented professions. In the U.S. alone, the beauty and cosmetic production industry employed 55,1227 people and is expanding continuously. The industry is spreading its wings throughout the globe and is also empowering a lot of people. The article will provide you with a list of some job options that you can pursue further to have a secure job in the beauty industry. 


An esthetician is a professional trained to treat the skin via different procedures and treatments like chemical peels, body treatments, facials, laser treatments, etc. To be an esthetician, you have to enroll in a program like Esthetics Programs Seattle that offers the individual to be a certified esthetician. The procedures that estheticians can perform include; microdermabrasion, acne treatments, extractions, light therapy, body scrub, aroma therapy, hair removal, etc. The minimum general requirement is 600 hours of learning; further, the requirements may vary with the course that you have enrolled in. 

  • Hairstylist

Hairstyling is a growing skill that both men and women are taking up as a career option. Vocational training, as well as full-fledged diploma programs, are available for men and women for hairstyling. The course duration may vary with the type of course that you choose. A secondary or a senior secondary certificate is sufficient to apply for any hairstyling course. As per your requirements, you can choose either a short-term, basic or advanced course. Apart from hair styling, you will also be taught about various hair products, hair-cutting tools and styles, and hair grooming techniques. The time duration and fees may vary according to the course type you choose. 

  • Massage Therapist

If you want to divert from the conventional beauty courses, then a massage therapist is a career option fruiting from the same branch. A massage therapist is a professional who has expertise in soft tissue manipulation. The job of a therapist is to provide the client with different types of massage experiences to relieve pain and relax the body muscles. A therapist has the option to work in different kinds of professional settings like a spa, hospital, or rehabilitation center. You can get a diploma or a certificate course in massage and spa therapy, and the course duration may vary from a few months to two years. 

  • Makeup Artist 

The most common of the professional courses in the beauty industry is that of a makeup artist. This branch of the cosmetology and makeup industry is very broad and encompasses a wide range of specialization categories as well. Makeup artists specialize in wedding makeup, cinematic makeup, prosthetic makeup, etc. They also have a wide range of professional settings that they can choose from, including the cinema, fashion world, freelancing, or working in a makeup studio and photography studio.  

  • Nail Technician

A nail technician also called a manicurist is a person specializing in providing different nail shapes and nail designs that the client wishes for. The job of a nail technician involves specialization in nail art as well as applying for nail extensions. The job of the nail technician may also include manicures and pedicures to maintain nail hygiene. The work of a nail technician is complex and requires a lot of precision and practice. To be a certified nail technician, you must complete either a diploma or a certificate course varying in duration from a week lasting up to a year. 

End Note 

Beauty is an umbrella concept encompassing a lot of small concepts under its shade. Even though people are still skeptical about the idea of taking up beauty professionally, emerging trends and changing mindset of people towards this industry has captivated and motivated people to take the leap of faith and try their hands at this undervalued skill-oriented domain. 

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