Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Yard?

Flea infestations may be quite annoying. Fleas may bite, transmit illnesses, and generally create havoc. They find your yard and grass comfortable to live in, reproduce, and deposit their eggs. They may also easily go inside on you or your pets. Therefore, it is best to look for Pest Control Services In New York and let the experts help you get rid of fleas. This blog will cover how to spot fleas in your yard as well as how to get rid of them.

Pest Control Services in New York and How to know if you have Fleas in your Yard

Warm-blooded animals bring fleas into your yard, so if your dogs scratch or get agitated often, you could have fleas. They may be present if you sometimes see insects moving in and out of your pet’s hair. Wear a pair of white socks around your yard if you’re still unsure. The contrast between the bright color of your socks and the fleas will make them easy to see. Getting in touch with a Pest Extermination Company In New York is important to get rid of fleas.

Fleas are bothersome, but they may also spread diseases like the plague and murine typhus. Heavy infestations might cause your pet to scratch continuously, which causes their coat to become rough and, sometimes, anxious problems. Fleas may also transmit tapeworms.

Steps to Get rid of Fleas in the Yard

Here are some steps you may take to eradicate fleas from your yard and safeguard your home and pets against them.

Mowing the Lawn

The first step is to ensure your grass is uninviting to fleas while fostering the growth of its natural predators. Too-long grass makes it easy and ideal for fleas to hide, but grass that is too short (less than two inches) will frighten away flea-eating ants and spiders.

Clean your Yard

Fleas may be repelled by establishing a natural barrier around the perimeter of your yard and house. To prevent fleas from having a location to hide and lay their eggs, clear the perimeter of your yard of any bushes, plants, leaves, and debris.

Watch the Moisture

Moisture is a food source for fleas; thus, they like it. You must take care not to overwater your plants and grass as a consequence. You should avoid doing this since it might attract fleas and provide them with a comfortable habitat

Let the Sun Shine

Darkness is another thing fleas like. Trim any shrubs and trees to let sunshine enter your yard and help ward off fleas.

Treat your Lawn

To get rid of current fleas and deter the development of new ones, spray your lawn with a specially prepared flea spray treatment. If you don’t know how to do it, call experts for Pest Control Services In New York as they can use safe chemicals for you and your pets. But using these chemicals will help you eliminate fleas in the yard.

Mulching with Cedar

Cedar mulch should be added to flower gardens. Natural flea repellents like cedar can help keep them at bay.

Evict wildlife

All kinds of animals, including squirrels, cats, skunks, rabbits, and others, may serve as hosts for fleas. Use traps, steer clear of bird seed, and otherwise, take steps to make your yard less inviting to them to do what you can to keep them out of it.

Keep your Pets and Home Clean

Your home should first be vacuumed before a flea remedy is applied. Use flea shampoos and conditioners to comb and wash your dogs to eliminate any fleas that may have gotten on them. Any fleas that could have been carried inside will be eliminated.

Keeping Fleas out of your House

Keeping your lawn mowed and any bushes trimmed is the first step in avoiding a flea infestation in your house. By maintaining your yard, fleas and other pests have nowhere to hide. Next, ensure you don’t leave garbage or your dogs’ food bowls outdoors to deter feral cats, opossums, and raccoons from entering your yard.

If your pet spends time outside, go over their coat with a brush or flea comb before bringing them inside. It is simpler to detect fleas if they are well-groomed and shaved.

When to Call Professional to Treat Fleas in your Yard?

An expert exterminator is qualified to handle flea infestations. They can find the infestation’s origin, get rid of the fleas, and provide you advice on how to avoid such infestations in the future. Also, exterminators with experience will utilize certain products for you and your pets.

It’s time to call in a Pest Extermination Company In New York if the procedures and solutions listed above don’t work. The experts could ask you to clean up your yard, vacuum your house, and use certain items on your dogs as preparation. Additionally, they may ask you to leave the house for a couple of hours while they treat the yard for fleas.

Flea infestations are difficult to control and may rapidly grow out of control. Contact Private Exterminating NYC to get rid of fleas or other pest infestations. Our experts have years of experience and will use safe chemicals for you and the environment.