Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Digital Marketing, in general, is when you identify the client’s pain, attract him through your product (which will relieve this pain) and then build relationships. The ultimate marketing goal is conversion:

  • Buying a product
  • Subscribing to a service
  • Installing an app
  • Donating to a fund
  • Other targeted action

But there are many steps on the way to the ultimate goal. They form a sales funnel: a visual representation of a person’s stages before committing a targeted action. All marketing aims to help a person enter this funnel and take him to the very end.

All marketing can be divided into two branches: traditional and marketing. This guide will help you understand how online marketing works: what tasks it performs, what tools and channels it uses, what marketers themselves do – and whether they should be contacted. Everything you need for your success. Let’s start!


What is a digital marketing

The formal definition of digital marketing can be formulated as follows:

Digital marketing is any form of marketing or advertising delivered through channels: websites, social media, mobile apps, email, search engines, etc. (Digital Marketing Company Birmingham) It is also called digital marketing, online marketing, Internet marketing, or web marketing.

The advantage of digital is that it is universal. Well-built online marketing allows you to attract thousands of customers through one or more channels. A search engine ad, a website banner, a Youtube video ad embed, or a Facebook ad post all help customers find your product, get to know it, and make a buying decision. 

That is, marketing is, in fact, the union of business and customers. But where did it start?

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A bit of digital marketing history

Traditional marketing has existed since the end of the 18th century: it began during the industrial revolution. But digital marketing appeared with the spread of the Internet: in the early 1990s.

One of the first businesses to use online marketing was the online publication HotWired (now defunct). HotWired purchased several banner ads, and in 1993 the first interactive banner appeared. Soon after, Google and Yahoo came along, and the Internet and marketing have never been the same. Now we have Facebook, and Instagram feeds with sponsored posts, paid listings on Google, promotional mailings via email, and many other things that are now mundane.

What are the challenges facing digital marketing?

Digital marketing is extremely important for businesses because it allows you to close many important commercial tasks. Here are a few key tasks that digital marketing agency can do for your business:

  1. Expands coverage. Any business needs to expand its customer base to scale and grow constantly. Digital marketing allows you to reach customers locally, nationally, and internationally, expand into new markets and reach more people interested in your product. 
  2. Stimulates sales. Primarily, digital marketing aims to drive online sales and conversions, so if you want to sell online, digital is a must. But digital marketing can also stimulate sales offline, and not only through calls to visit a store/restaurant / another type of business, but also through special advertising opportunities. For example, Google has local campaigns with calls and routes, displays offline stores on a map, and shows products in a local catalog. No less important is call tracking, which allows you to track real calls from customers who come from the site.
  3. Increases income. Online marketing can include paid and (shared) free strategies, such as combining SMM (social media marketing) to work on branding and shopping ad campaigns on Google directly for sales. Considering the sales funnel and customer journey, a carefully thought-out strategy will allow you to predict and calculate the cost of customer acquisition and other metrics. 
  4. Reduces costs. Traditional marketing is usually more expensive than digital. Therefore, focusing on online marketing allows you to reduce your costs and, at the same time, achieve impressive results.
  5. Enhances brand reputation. Whether you’re a new or established company, continually building brand awareness is important. Digital campaigns can introduce your brand to new audiences and help build a positive reputation with loyal customers.

Most common types of digital marketing.


Nearly 3 billion people use social media, which can’t be ignored! Social media is a great tool to connect with your audience more closely, considering how integrated Instagram or Facebook is into our lives.


SEO is marketing through promotion in search engines. (Birmingham-based Digital Marketing Firm) That is, how well you rank on Google and other search engines that your audience uses. Ideally, your site should rank in the top 10 results for business-relevant search terms. SEO involves changing and optimizing the content on a website; site structure; link building; optimization of technical aspects. Of course, that’s not all:

Google wants to know that your business is trustworthy, so it has a long list of ranking factors. Read more