Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

No matter who you are, making mistakes is common. The good thing is there is always a solution to correct them. Software testing tools help to find errors and fix them before delivering the final product. As a software developer, you must know everything about software testing and software testing tools. This post will help you learn everything about software testing.

What Is Software Testing?

Software testing is known as identifying the mistakes and bugs in the software and evaluating whether it meets the business requirements. The complete software testing process is called the software testing life cycle (STLC), which runs alongside the software development life cycle (SDLC). Besides identifying and eliminating bugs, software testing helps improve the quality and usability of the software.

How Is Software Testing Done?

Software testing is done through a Test Plan Software that brings efficiency to the software. Manual testing may consume lots of time and fail to deliver accurate results, and software testing tools can identify all mistakes. We have mentioned the types of software testing in the following section to understand its process.

What Are The Types Of Software Testing?

The software testing process involves several stages, including

●      Unit Testing

Unit testing focuses on a small unit of software design. This testing tool or software tests an individual unit or group of interrelated units is done by using sample input and observing its out-ups.

●      Integration Testing

Another type of testing is integration testing. Integration testing aims to combine unit-tested components and build a program structure. There are four sub-types of integration testing; Top-down, Bottom-up, Sandwich, and Big-Bang

●      System Testing

System testing is used to confirm the fully completed and integrated software. It is usually done by the development and testing team to ensure the software’s functionality.

●      Accessibility Testing

This type of testing is used to ensure that people with disabilities like color, blindness, hearing problems and others can operate the software. It aims to find possible errors and makes the software error-free for disabled people.

●      User Interface Testing

User interface testing is done to check whether the software interface meets users’ demands. If not, the changes are done to make the software user-centric.

●      Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is used to check the compatibility of the software with different devices, operating systems, web browsers, and so on. If the software is an Android app, it will be tested on different Android versions. It will improve the adaptability of the software according to the operating system and device.

●      Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is done after other testing types to ensure that the product is ready or stable for further testing. This is a necessary type of testing that completes the testing process and finalizes the product.

●      Ad-hoc Testing

It is random testing done on any part of the software to check the performance the. It helps to find all possible errors or bugs left in other types of testing and deliver the finely working.

●      Functional Testing

In functional testing, every software function is tested using sample inputs, and outputs are verified against the functional requirements. It is done by the testing team.

●      Alpha Testing

Alpha testing is performed in the last testing phase to check the errors in the entire software in a virtual environment. It is usually followed by beta testing.

●      Beta Testing

Beta testing is done after alpha testing and right before the launch. It is used by a limited number of users in a real-time environment. The changes are made to the software on behalf of the feedback, and data is collected from the users.

You have just been introduced to some of the types of software testing. There are other methods also to understand the software and its working. Remember that all these testing methods are not required to perform on one software. The type of software is done depending on the software requirement. With the right kind of method, you can improve the quality of software and make it ready to deliver.