Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
8 ways to monetize your entertainment site with ads Networks


If you want to earn money online but don’t know how to start? No need to worry. This blog will teach you how to monetize your entertainment ads or website with ad networks. Let’s dive into the depth of this blog to know more.

Essential factors

However, a few things to consider before learning how to monetize a website. It takes time and effort to monetize a website. Don’t be discouraged if you initially make less than you expected. Every successful website should have traffic to achieve the results you seek. Without visitors, your website or blog won’t be able to generate income.

How to monetize a website?

In this section, you will get to know your website’s long-term and short-term monetization techniques. There will also be tricks and tips so you can make the most out of each method. Here are the top eight strategies to monetize your entertainment website in 2023.

PPC advertising with AdSense

PPC is an advertising model where owners get money each time when a visitor clicks on an advertisement. Google AdSense is the tool that is most widely used for this. AdSense is one of the simplest methods to earn extra money as it does not need much effort to set up.

With the help of Google AdSense, the website owner may simply & quickly place ads on the website or blog. If you want to run your entertainment ad with the help of Google AdSense, you may go with it. The best thing is that you will always receive payment from Google on time, which is often between the 21st and the 26th of the month.

Along with the benefits, Google AdSense has various drawbacks that may pull your legs back. You may choose AdSense alternatives for running your entertainment ads effectively due to their forgiving nature.

AdSense has strict terms and conditions that may block your account if you violate its condition, even by mistake, so if you want to run PPC for your entertainment website, you may choose 7Search PPC as an alternative.

You may choose any form of PPC, but we highly recommend these forms for quick monetization.

Display ads- This ad format is suitable for a website owner because there is no need to find advertisers or place ads. It’s enough to register with the provider & add a simple code to the website. The advertiser network will find the relevant traffic for the website.

For instance, if your website is about entertainment services, 7Search PPC will show your entertainment ads to the appropriate audiences interested in this category. After watching the ads, if a user clicks on the ads, the website owner will get a payout. To know more about it, you may contact 7Search PPC.

Pop-under ads- Pop-under ads are also the most effective way to monetize your entertainment site. If you want to choose this ad format for your entertainment ads or monetize your site, then you can take the help of an ideal ad network. Pop-under ads don’t need to use any creatives on your site, and users are transported to an ad page without additional clicks.

It helps the publisher to get paid for how many visitors view the target landing page of a site, and many of them convert into customers. Pop-unders may also be added as a monetization stream with pop-under advertising networks.

They pay based on how many impressions you collect. The more visitors you have, the more passive income you will receive because payment is measured in thousands of views (CPM).

You are selling free ad space on your website.

Another option is to attempt offering free web space on your site directly to advertisers. This technique takes more time, but it maximizes the earnings you’ll obtain from displaying advertisements. The adverts may appear as a small pop-up window, a side banner, or a link at the bottom of the page.

The pricing for each may also differ since you have control over price negotiations as well. However, to apply this strategy, you must have both large traffic and a good conversion rate. As this technique uses the pay-per-visitor or pay-per-click model, you’ll be paid by advertisers depending on the number of individuals who click the ad or visit the website.

So how do you inform advertisers that you are selling advertising space?

  • Create a media kit- a summary that outlines the key facts & statistics of your site.
  • Send it to prospective advertisers. Tell them why they should cooperate with you.
  • When you have landed your group of advertisers, handle them using Google Ad Manager.

You can use online resources like Clicky Web Analytics, Quantcast, and Google Analytics to learn more about your website. If you are looking for the right advertisers for your entertainment ads, you may choose 7Search PPC for your mission.

Affiliate marketing

You may try to start affiliate marketing to monetize a site if you have the talent for promoting or reviewing products. You can get paid when readers use affiliate links to purchase products or services from businesses you’re affiliated with. If your website has a large, engaged user base that will pay attention to your advice, affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways to generate passive money.

How to monetize entertainment websites through affiliate marketing

Make a product recommendation and promotion-focused affiliate website, or publish product or service evaluations related to your content.

You may join affiliate programs such as Amazon and Hostinger. Otherwise, search Affiliate tools or networks like 7Search PPC, CJ Affiliate, and ShareASale. You may include affiliate links on your content organically. If you follow this advice, you are just a step away from the success of your entertainment advertisement.

Donation based monetization

You can respectfully request money or donation if your content benefits the reader and you need help expanding your website. Not all readers will make donations, but if you have enough traffic, you might generate enough to support your website entirely and earn some extra money.

You can add contribution buttons to your website so that visitors can make a direct payment. Connect them to payment gateways like Fundly, PayPal, or Stripe. Place the buttons wherever you like by adding them as widgets. Please make sure they are simple to find for the readers. If you want to generate revenue for entertainment ads or websites, then this point may surely help you.

Selling your services or own products.

Consider launching an online storefront if you have the goods and the selling ability but don’t want to deal with the headache of opening a physical store. Websites such as Tattly and Bellroy have made their fortune online by offering high-quality services and products to their customers. Creating an online store is a little more complicated than just building a straightforward website.

However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot have an eCommerce store up & running in some days. In the following lines, you will learn how to monetize an entertainment website through eCommerce:

  • You have to set your niche.
  • Find domain names, and select the perfect domain name.
  • Purchase a web hosting plan.
  • Install WordPress.
  • After that, set up WooCommerce or a similar eCommerce platform.
  • Design your online store by browsing via themes & customizing it. Places you may start with: WordPress WooCommerce theme library and WooCommerce theme library. You may also go through a few design inspirations to get begun. You may add your product by navigating to products-> Add New in the sidebar.

Add coupons with affiliate links.

Generally, 97 percent of customers look for discounts and offers when they purchase any product or service from a website. Offering coupons from affiliate partners is another type of affiliate marketing. This trick can help to attract more visitors to your entertainment ads and website.

If you don’t know about this strategy, you may contact a relevant entertainment ad network for your mission. We highly recommend 7Search PPC as they have 8+ years of experience in the field of advertising.

Sponsored content

A collaboration between you as a publisher and the brands you work with results in sponsored content. Sponsored content is a successful channel whether you’re creating a blog or a website. Businesses pay you to produce content for them and post it on your website.

The content may be reviews, infographics, offers, or news about new products or sales. It might be written by you or by the sponsoring brand itself. If you’re going to write the post and also publish it on your website, you may charge a higher fee.

Consider the following before beginning to create sponsored content:

  • Your level of online influence.
  • How many sponsored posts will you publish each month?
  • How long will it take you to produce the content?
  • Value of brand (the sponsored content vs. your blogging brand)

You can use this idea (sponsored content) to monetize your entertainment site or choose an entertainment ad network for this service.

Make an email list & use it for sending newsletters.

It is the most effective method that may help you to monetize your entertainment website. You may place a small block on the website where you offer to subscribe to your email newsletters. You can add affiliate links or advertising banners next to informative content or updates in the newsletter itself. Newsletters can also be used to market and sell your services and products.

The benefit of this monetization strategy is that it’s absolutely free: newsletters can be created independently, and users receive payments from partners listed in them. If you don’t take the burden of adding this space to your entertainment website, you can choose an ideal entertainment ad network for this task.

These effective elements indicate the monetization strategies for your entertainment business. You may take the help of an ideal entertainment ad network as they can handle it effectively.

More about 7Search PPC

7Search PPC is a worldwide, self-service online advertising platform for publishers, advertisers, and media buyers. They have a highly skilled team of experts, and they have 8+ years of experience in the advertising field. You may choose their service if you want to attract your target audience effectively and quickly.

If you are a publisher and wish to promote your entertainment-related blog, this ad network will allow you to promote that blog without any problem. Besides, as an advertiser, you can promote your entertainment website there. You may begin a low-budget banner advertising campaign on this ad network, & it will be easy to handle your ROI (return on investment). You may visit their website to learn more about this entertainment ad network.


These all (the above-mentioned) factors may help you to monetize your entertainment website effectively. For your convenience, we have mentioned an effective entertainment ad network that can lessen your burden and allows you to achieve your goal.

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