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8 Amazing Things to Do in Manali

If you’ve been contemplating “what to do in Manali,” We have the right list of amazing things to do in Manali. In spite of the stunning sights, coupled with a serene ambiance, the top attractions in Manali are major attractions for visitors. 

From beautiful mountains covered in snow and lush valleys to the thrill of trying new things, Manali is the ideal place to provide you with a taste of adventure. Manali is known as Himachal’s hub for adventure. 

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Create your Manali vacation by combining Indian holidays and enjoying cherished memories with your loved ones. It could be an exciting summer vacation or a lively winter vacation in India. The hill town is the perfect place to be. Explore below amazing things to do in Manali. 

River Rafting on the Beas River

Rafting on the river in Manali is among the most popular activities in Manali. It is the Beas River flowing through the Manali mountain’s terrain that is full of thrilling experiences. Get ready for the excitement of swimming through the turbulent water on an oar. This adventure is among the most memorable memories for many tourists who have a vacation in Manali.

Additionally, River Beas is among the most pristine stretches of whitewater rafting in India. In addition, there are short distances for people who are just beginning as well as more difficult ones for people who are experts in adventure. Additionally, Pirdi has a dedicated water sports center, which provides the most diverse range of adventures and things to do in Manali. 

The best time to go rafting on the river in Manali The best time for the river rafting experience in Manali occurs during the months of June and July. While the monsoon may hinder travel for a few months, it is reopened in late October and continues until the beginning of February.


The thrill of flying through the sky with a glider is one of the most popular activities that you could do when visiting Manali. The excitement of flying like an eagle is sure to stir the true adventurer within you. Also, take in the spectacular panorama of the Dhauladhar mountain range as well as the winding Beas River. The time of flight is based on the wind. Consider tandem flights if it’s your first time taking part in this adventure sport.

Solang Valley is a popular location to paraglide and enjoy some amazing things to do in Manali. Additionally, Gulaba and Marhi are popular places to paraglide. And paragliding in Manali is possibly the most popular activity.

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Visit Hadimba Mata Mandir

Hadimba Temple is one of the main tourist attractions in Manali for tourists. It is a historical temple located around 1.5 kilometers from Mall Road. Raja Bahadur Singh built the four-story wooden temple in 1553 in the middle of the dense forest, which is known by the name of Van Vihar.

The pagoda-style structure is dedicated to the goddess Hadimba. While there is no idol worship here, a few footprints of feet are considered sacred here. Since the beginning of time, the fair has been held each year, called Bahadur Singh Re Jatar. Go to the temple to enjoy its tranquil location. Don’t forget to snap a photo of the stunning structure.

Scroll down to know more things to do in Manali. 

Have Fun Skiing at Solang Valley

Manali is a thrilling destination for snow skiing. Skiing down the slope covered in snow on your skis, take in the stunning views of the alps. Manali is among the most desired activities in Manali. A few easy trails are available for those who are new to skiing. 

They can either learn for a few hours or employ an instructor from the Directorate of Mountaineering and other sports. Skiing facilities are offered throughout the year in Rohtang. Skiers who are skilled can also take advantage of Heli-skiing during winter. Solang Valley is known for its thrilling skiing opportunities during winter. You can also ski at Marhi, Gulaba, and Dhundi.

Tracking Trails are the Next Things to Do in Manali

Manali is the ultimate destination for trekking lovers. There are many things to do in Manali and it is a paradise for trekkers. There are plenty of opportunities for adventure in the Himalayas. The stunning destination has great hiking trails that are set in the stunning views of the Himalayas, capped with snow. The idea of trekking is one that is gaining popularity across the nation. The adventurous sport blends spiritual health and physical health.

The most sought-after trails include Rohtang pass, which runs to the edge of the snowline Bhrigu Lake Trek Chanderkhani Pass; Tapri to Kalpa; Sar pass, Sangla to Baranag trek, and many more. These are seasonal treks and certain treks that you can go on at any time to answer the call of the mountains. 

Enjoy a day at Rahala Waterfall

Rahala Waterfalls is a scenic location close to Manali. The waterfall is situated on the way toward Rohtang Pass. The waterfall is caused by melting glaciers. The water flows down from a specific height on the ridge, and it is stunning to behold.

Stop for a moment and take in the beauty of the waterfall. The mountains are covered in snow, as well as the deodar and birch trees, and the sounds of nature make you feel awestruck. Have a picnic with your loved ones or family. Make sure you are clicked. The photograph will be a wonderful souvenir of your vacation.

Zorbing at Solang Valley

Next among the amazing things to do in Manali is zorbing. Tossing a massive transparent ball that falls down the slope is the essence of zorbing. What’s not to love about it? Zorbing on the hills of Manali is among the most popular activities in the hills of Manali. Zorbing, also referred to as globe-riding, is the activity or game of rolling downhill within an orb mostly composed of clear plastic. 

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