Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023


Video is the most popular video streaming app among its 175 Million users and its fanbase is still growing. Record and store the Videos is not easy as it demands a high-capacity storage system and maintenance to avoid losing all data.

But if you can preserve your video collection online and upload it, then it will be the best way to save your video without worrying about your data capacity. 

Images can be stored easily but in the case of video, it gets distorted by time and even HD-quality video loses its pixels by the time. 


Vimeo is here to help you in following ways : 

  • Screen Recording system.
  • Video tools to create, preserve and promote your videos.
  • No ads will pop up in between your work.
  • Easy way to upload.
  • Video will get promoted on the Vimeo platform.
  • Upload, manage, edit and share your videos.
  • Get ultra HD video quality.
  • Follow your favourite video creators.
  • Save videos to view later.
  • Offline video access.
  • Upload videos without reducing your pixel quality.
  • Right from camera roll, you easily connect the devices to record directly.
  • Record and edit your video in no time.
  • Edit tools are efficient enough to be applied without affecting the video quality.
  • Video filters 
  • Animation effects
  • Cut your videos in seconds.
  • Get rid of unnecessary video pause.
  • Insert images in the videos.
  • Create captions
  • Apply animated subtitles.
  • About a hundred kinds of filters are available on the Vimeo app.
  • Share video privately by selecting close list options.
  • Share links privately.
  • Save video in drafts before uploading.
  • Put a timer on the videos.
  • Schedule your video collection.
  • Preview your videos by applying edit tools without even saving it to check it.
  • Enjoy ad-free video play.
  • Stream live video.
  • Set the event beforehand.
  • Click on Watch later option to add video in watch later queue.
  • Develop videography skills.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Best app for animators.
  • Content creators can easily access and benefit from this app.
  • Explore the digital world.
  • Get to know everything about content creators through their introduction video.
  • Customize your feed.
  • Customize your videos.
  • Singers can edit lyrical videos and promote their songs.
  • Dancers can use the vimeo aftereffect tool on their movement in the video.
  • Beginners in animation can easily use this app.
  • Vimeo is best for people who love to make vlogs and documentaries.
  • Affordable purchase.
  • Turn your ideas into action.
  • Users can communicate.
  • Businesses can use this app to market their business in the form of videos.
  • Monetization helps in making money from your videos. 
  • Businesses can promote their band name among the users.
  • Interactive video sessions
  • Templates are available in variety to help you in making videos.
  • You can hire a Professional video maker through the vimeo app. 
  • Host events
  • Give interviews
  • Hire a employee through video interview
  • Enterprise your business.
  • All-in-one platform for all video based things.
  • Analyze and record the ongoing graphs based on the economy or any business.
  • Make a video library and promote it.
  • Link your social media account with vimeo platform.
  • License the stock footage
  • Download videos from the browser directly.


Vimeo downloader chrome extension

If you are looking for a browser video downloading extension tool to download videos, you can get free access to Google Chrome extension on your computer. Downloading vimeo videos from the browser can be a tiresome process. You can also use the Vimeo downloader chrome extension tool to download your video directly from the Video website while using the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome is one of those simple browsers to use which have a clear tab system. You have every option available and not hidden under control settings or somewhere else. You can easily install the Browser extension tool Vimeo downloader Chrome on your website browser. 

Download Vimeo to get the video downloader chrome extension tool : Record your screen and camera. 

Register yourself and upload the video on Vimeo app or website to make money and audience.

For Google chrome browser extension, you can trust this Vimeo downloader chrome extension tool. 

Steps to follow

  1. Search Vimeo on a web browser and click on the official website of Vimeo or download the Vimeo app.
  2.  Register yourself.
  3. Click on the Vimeo logo in Browser augmentation either from phone or computer. 
  4. Associate your device and build a link.
  5. Allow the use of recording devices or any video making device.
  6. Start recording your content.
  7. Or start recording your screen.
  8. Update your Chrome browser for extension. 
  9. Click on the burger menu in your chrome browser.
  10. Go to Settings starting from the Drop Option.
  11. Click on site settings.
  12. Select privacy and security options.
  13. Select your camera and microphone.
  14. Audit blocked and allowed websites.
  15. Unblock the website you have blocked previously.
  16. Select the site name.
  17. Click on Permit option to allow connection of Camera or screen.
  18. Always associate your camera and microphone, even when you’re not recording while using the Vimeo website or app. 

Vimeo pricing plans

There are many paid plans which give discounts to unlock exclusive video making features and tools which are available to give our video more quality and aftereffects to raise the standard of your video and make it look professionally edited. The pricing plans mentioned below : 

  • Starter : This toolkit helps your video to get high promotion and maintenance. 60 videos, seats and years. $9 per seat and month. Player embedding, password protection, screen recording , basic templates for video creation, video chaptering & SEO, engagement and social analytics.
  • Standard : Access to video marketing and customization features. 120 videos, seats and years. $25 per seat and month. Branding, lead capture and sell individual videos on demand.
  • Advanced : Live streaming services, virtual event management & promotion and marketing integrations. 240 videos, seats and years. $65 per seat and month. Host virtual events, webinars, real time stream health, polls and charts.
  • Enterprise : Additional security features, Control settings and business support. Contact Sales. SSO (SAML) & SCIM (OKTA, AZURE). 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLAs, advanced marketing integrations, moderate live QNA and Backup streams.

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