Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
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PC for video game

s: how to choose the computer of the real gamer

Whether you are a beginner or a hardcore gamer, you will always need a good gaming PC. The high level of performance of this computer is ensured by a strategic installation of its internal components such as the motherboard, the graphics card, the processor, the hard disk and the memory modules. Larger (over 80mm) and less noisy fans are also a must to effectively cool the heavily-taxed processor and graphics card when playing your favorite games

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To allow you to improve the performance of your PC gamer, this device is scalable and is equipped with Sata connectors and other PCI express which will be used to add various components such as the controller card, the video acquisition card, the sound card and the DTT tuner card. Over the years, you will be able to modify the processor, the graphics card, the motherboard and the memory modules. And if one day you want to increase the frequency of the processor, you can add a water cooling kitPC gamers exist in several models which will not necessarily have the same power. But anyway, you will always have to choose between a fixed PC or a laptop PC. The desktop PC is a good solution if you already have some basic components, which you will then improve with new configurations. On the other hand, if you plan to assemble your own fixed PC for gamer, you should plan a fairly substantial budget, because you will need to make an assembly, buy a screen and a Windows license.