Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
Digital Marketing - SEO Diwana

Every person now needs Digital marketing. Because marketing strategy is shifting from traditional way to digital way. Millions of People spend their time on social media. To promote business in the digital world. Social media is the best platform to promote it.

Digital marketing is a good career option for everyone whether you are a student or an entrepreneur. There is no fix learning age for digital marketing, exceptionally those who are already professional at some work or running their business and want their business to grow to the next level. 

Nowadays, companies are also improving their online visibility. So the demand for digital marketing is increasing. To start a career in this field, start learning from the basics, and there is no need to join any college or university to learn it.

Start to learn from the institute that provides the knowledge from the basics, and the time must be flexible for you.

Quibus training is the best option. They are providing a short-term advanced course of 4 months with flexible time. So that no one will miss the class in which they cover all the topics necessary to become a digital marketer. To become successful in this field, follow these 10 steps actively, then it is guaranteed your career is very bright:

10 Steps to start a career and become successful in Digital Marketing:

1) Learn the Basics by Joining a Digital Marketing Institute

If you want to grow in this field, start learning from the fundamentals. Because this field is not a particular process, it combines techniques and methods. You can learn the basics by joining any short term digital marketing course. After learning, you can use that techniques and methods to promote your website, product, services, and channels. Some of them are as follows:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Video Marketing. 

But as a beginner, you must focus on the fundamentals; then, only you can understand how to manage all these channels and work on their strategies.

2) Learn how to use Digital marketing tools.

Learning digital marketing tools is also necessary. Because in future, if you grow and climb up the ladder to become a Digital Marketing Manager, you will have to manage a team as a digital marketing specialist. To manage a team, you must know how to use the tools that can evaluate their work and also control their work progress by this tool on multiple projects at the same time.


3) Start with your website.

After learning the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, you are eligible to do practical work. And for that, use your website and learn how to use different techniques by applying them. This is entirely for hit-and-try, and by this method, it is guaranteed that you will learn a lot.

This website work is going to be with you throughout your whole career. You have to manage your client’s website to generate traffic and leads. So for this, you have to be ready and always start working with your website.

4) Get SEO Trainings

The next step is to get SEO training. If you are good at SEO, then you have an opportunity to survive individually and can proceed in a digital marketing career. To learn the skills, you must create your website and start working on it. Write your content, publish it and wait for the results. And SEO is very broad. It will take time to be an expert, but if you work hard, then it’s the best career opportunity to settle on.

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5) Get certified in Google Ads.

As you know, google is a search engine, and to find any product, service or place, people open a google for searching it. Google itself is a general networking site to promote any product and services. To know the necessary skills, you have to be certified with google ads, which makes your client prove that you can do it.

6) Get your expertise in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is the primary tool for learning digital marketing, as it is used for analysing accurate data and measuring clicks and conversions. That is necessary for running any ad campaigns.

7) Master Facebook Ads

After SEO, you have to work and focus on Social Media because social media also have scope to run your ads on all the social networking sites. Besides all the networking sites like (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn). Most of the time and campaign budget is spent on Facebook and Instagram.

Besides being great social networks, Facebook and Instagram are essential tools for any digital marketing campaign.


8) Make yourself capable as a freelancer.

There is too much scope for being a freelancer in this field. To be a freelancer in this field, take the experience of at least three years from good companies. From that, you will gain confidence and can do the work independently. And to make the clients’ trust, you have to showcase your work and experience. Then only you will get the projects. 


9) Get a real-time internship.

Spend at least six months of yourself dedicatedly. And join a company that makes you practice all the work and provides you with different projects. It will make you confident and independent in handling the clients.


10) Stay knowledgeable with new updates and keep learning.

Digital marketing is a never-ending topic with too much to learn. To stay stable in this field, always stay updated with new things that will help you upgrade yourself and your clients.


This article is all about starting a career in the Digital Marketing field, and all the steps are clearly explained above to know about this field.