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Involving in the best wireless mouse for your necessities can assist you with gliding through your workday, so it merits requiring investment to find the one that works best for you.

Wireless mice are extremely common these days, yet they aren’t all the same.

The best wireless mouse for you is the one that has all the buttons and features you want, in a comfortable design that feels natural to use for huge chunks of time, with a battery sufficiently robust to guarantee you’re never stuck high and dry without a charge.

Whether you want a wireless vertical mouse for work or want something great for gaming in a hurry, this guide will assist you with tracking down the best wireless mouse for you, based on our testing and surveys.

How Would We Choose the Best Wireless Mouse?

A mouse can cost you between Rs 300 to Rs 3,000. Several factors decide the evaluation of the product and can also help you in choosing the best wireless mouse.

Go through the rundown of factors mentioned beneath to conclude which mouse will best suit your necessities.

Ø Sensors

Some wireless mice have optical sensors, whereas some have laser sensors.

Notwithstanding, the optical mouse can detect just the surface it is on and may be challenging to operate on lopsided surf pros. A laser mouse works fine even on lopsided surf pros.


Ø DPI and Awareness

The DPI (Spot per Inch) plays an important job in the working of the mouse. The higher the DPI, the more touchy the mouse is. 800 to 2000 is the normal DPI expected for operation.

On the off chance that you want the best wireless mouse for gaming, you require a DPI ranging from 2000 to 6000.


Ø Shape and Weight

The shape of a wireless mouse can make utilizing it either comfortable or uncomfortable. The shape should be comfortable, and the weight should be light for extended periods of use.

In case the shape of the mouse is broader and heavier, it will be a hindrance within a couple of long periods of use.


Ø Software Features


Certain choices on the market come packaged with special features that should be installed once the mouse is associated with the PC.

These special software features are required when you are operating two computing devices with a solitary mouse.

Here is the best wireless mouse:

  1. HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse

HP is one of the primary names we run over when we search for an ideal computational device. HP Z3700  mouse comes from the house of HP.

They are the leading brand for laptops, keyboards, mouse, screens, and other PC-related accessories. It is the best wireless mouse brand in India for financial planning and well-disposed choices.

Notable Features of HP Z3700 Mouse:

Ø  The product has an optical sensor of 1200DPI for accurate performance.

Ø  It has a 2,4GHz wireless range for a strong and reliable connection.

Ø  It can operate for a very long time without a battery change, which makes it one of the most incredible wireless mouse for extended periods of work.


Ø  Lightweight

Ø  Can work well in the two Windows and Mac operating systems

Ø  1-year warranty

Ø  Long battery life


Ø  Marginally costly


  1. Lenovo 400 Wireless Mouse

Lenovo is the best wireless mouse brand, especially for official purposes. The company originated in China and has taken over the business of personal innovation with many computing devices and accessories.

The brand thinks of innovative devices available at pocket-accommodating costs.

Notable Features of Lenovo400 Mouse:

Ø  The product has an optical sensor with 1200DPI, ideal for regular official use.

Ø  The battery life of this mouse is as long as a year.

Ø  The mouse has 2.4 GHz USB connectivity that keeps connectivity strong.

Ø  It is generally suitable for Windows 7 and the later generations of the Windows Operating system (operating system).


Ø  Lightweight

Ø  Mouse pad free with the product


  1. Dell WM118 Wireless Mouse

Dell is among the 10 best laptop accessory brands in India. The American MNC is leading the innovation game in the personal innovation field.

It offers probably the best wireless mouse for laptops and PCs in India.

Notable Features of Dell WM118 Wireless Mouse:

Ø  There is a trackball beneath the mouse for the sensor, and the optical sensor is 1000 DPI for comfortable navigation.

Ø  It has year battery life.

Ø  It has a nano Bluetooth dongle with a 2.4 GHz connection for effortless connectivity.


Ø  Longer battery life

Ø  1-year product warranty

Ø  Lightweight

Ø  Wide operating system compatibility


  1. Logitech M350 Wireless Mouse

Logitech is a Swiss PC and laptop accessories brand that offers particularly designed equipment interlaced with present-day innovation.

The innovative features of each product offer a superior working encounter to its users.

Notable Features of Logitech M350 Wireless Mouse:

Ø  It has optical sensors. The DPI of the mouse is 1000, which is best for working.

Ø  The mouse can be associated with utilizing the USB port easily.


Ø  Compatible with all operating systems

Ø  Long battery life of as long as a year and a half

Ø  Advanced design for silent click.


Ø  Costly


  1. Microsoft Surface Mobile Wireless Mouse

The American multinational venture, Microsoft is a household name that gets the job done with the computational necessities of the world.

The company manufactures laptops, PC pads, and desktops. It also delivers accessories like keyboards and mouse apart from software to guarantee an effortless working encounter.

Notable Features of Microsoft Surface Portable Wireless Mouse:

Ø  The mouse has 4 buttons.

Ø  The wireless feature makes it easy to carry around.

Ø  Its thin design decreases the strain on the hands and wrists.


Ø  Long battery life

Ø  Smoother working experience


Ø  Costly


  1. Asus MW203 Wireless Mouse

ASUS ventured into the personal innovation industry in 1989 in Taiwan. From its initial days, it has delivered the absolute most technologically advanced computing utilities.

The brand specializes in laptops for work as well as gaming, screens, keyboards, the best wireless mouse, and other accessories to assist in PC operation.

Notable Features of ASUS MW203 Wireless Mouse:

Ø  The wireless mouse has rubberized sides for a comfortable hold.

Ø  It very well may be associated with 3 devices at the same time.

Ø  It is among the best wireless mouse for gaming as it has 3 methods of DPI to adjust and be exact according to the user.


Ø  2400 adjustable DPI optical sensor

Ø  6 buttons for advanced working

Ø  Silent mouse


Ø  Costly

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  1. Zebronics Zeb-Jaguar Wireless Mouse

Zebronics is an Indian electronic brand that specializes in speakers, sound bars, mouthpieces, headphones, and earphones.

The company is focused on providing phenomenal product design and quality. It also manufactures truly outstanding and cheapest and the best wireless mouse that is accessible to all.

Notable Features of Zebronics Zeb-Jaguar Mouse:

Ø  It has optical sensors with a high accuracy sensor with 1600 DPI.

Ø  The mouse has connectivity of 2.4 GHz for strong networking.

Ø  The product is one of the most incredible wireless mouse for gaming, as it has advanced features to make the user experience exceptional.


Ø  Extra button for play and pause

Ø  Compatible with almost all platforms

Ø  Powerful on any sort of surface

Ø  Ergonomic Design