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CA Final Subject


Clearing the CA Final Examination on the first attempt is among the essential accomplishment for a CA student. Maintaining motivation for a lengthy study period and handling the practical training requires a lot of preparation and strong time management skills. Candidates must also have a complete understanding of the course and a strong hold on the CA Final subjects. 

As we all know, eight CA Final papers are categorized into two groups, each having four subjects. So a student may appear in both groups together or take different attempts for each group. Further, the ICAI conducts exams twice a year, during November and May. One of the eight topics is optional that allows students to specialize in a particular field. 

Now, let us check the CA Final preparation tips by VSI Jaipur institute for each subject. VSI offers the best CA Final coaching classes and has helped hundreds of Final students in achieving an AIR.

CA Final Subject Wise Preparation Tips By VSI Jaipur

1. Financial Reporting 

The first subject in the CA Final syllabus is Financial Reporting. FR is a practical subject and is among the scoring papers. Try to make sure that you understand all concepts. In this subject, accounting rules play a crucial role. Accounting Standards are often worth 25 to 30 marks. Therefore, you must practice answering several questions on each topic. Do frequent practice and attempt to solve problems on your own. Also, you must revise these subjects at least four to five times before the exam.

2. Strategic Financial Management (SFM)

At the CA Final level, SFM is among the concept-driven subject. This is a scoring topic, so if you prepare hard and solve a sufficient number of questions, you may easily get excellent grades. Learning the concepts thoroughly is the only way to pass the test with respectable grades.

The paper is around 80 percent practical problems and 20 percent theoretical. Also, CA Final SFM is a topic dependent on practice. Therefore, you should never memorize formulae and questions. The more you solve the questions, the easier it will get to write the answers in the exams.

3. Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics

The appropriate terms and terminology are essential in an Audit. Among the most important CA Final Subjects, create a summary of all technical words, write them individually, and often revise them. Always use terminology close to what is stated in your study book and study daily. 

4. Corporate and Economic Laws

The next CA Final Subject is Corporate and Economic Laws. The 2 sections of this paper are Corporate Laws and Economic Laws. The first has 70% weightage, and the second is 30%. Clarity of laws and related exceptions, if applicable, would aid in answering the case study/ examination question. Additionally, the ICAI Module is the finest and most adequate study material for preparing for this subject.

5. Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation

First, one must comprehend the theory and clarify its practical uses; subsequently, a few practice problems would suffice. Ensure your concepts are thorough. Consult an expert if any issue causes you concern. Solving case-based questions requires conceptual clarity.

Additionally, read the ICAI’s recommended answers. This will assist you in grasping the subject needs and understanding the CA Final exam pattern. Try to utilize a similar presentation style throughout the examination.

6. Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation

The CA Final paper 7 consists of two sections: Direct Tax Laws (70 percent weight) and International Taxation (30 percent weight). The ideal reference for this article would be handwritten notes taken during the first reading of any source. Moreover, citing the appropriate section is of the highest significance, which can only be memorized by reviewing the provision and the section numbers.

Solving multiple-choice questions from previous attempts, in addition to the case study booklet supplied by the ICAI, would enable one to practice more questions and plan their study correctly to get high scores.

7. Indirect Tax Laws

The two sections of this subject are GST (75% weightage) and Customs and FTP (25% weightage). Personal notes are the finest reference material, and grasping the provisions via enough practice is essential to this paper. It is crucial to keep separate notes for varied deadlines and interest rates to minimize misunderstanding at the last minute.

Further, clarifying the set of regulations linked to the Input Tax Credit (ITC) is essential under the GST. Additionally, Refund, Duty Drawback portions under GST and Customs are crucial to comprehend. 

No matter what subject you are preparing, consider using CA Final Study Material. 


So these are some of the tips for various CA Final Subjects. For the best CA preparation strategy, consider CA Final Classes. Join VSI Jaipur for the best CA coaching.