Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
Gwadar water
A basic requirement that the people of Gwadar denied is access to fresh drinking water. The region still lacks a piped Gwadar water supply despite the fast development. the administration is bringing about. The majority of people required to pay private tankers to get water. and that water is of questionable quality. Around 200 kilometers from Gwadar, at the Mirani Dam. is where the tankers get a large portion of the water they sell. Water woes in Gwadar. The locals must drink this water. despite the fact that it is frequently salty and unclean. This issue must addressed by the provincial authorities. who must also give Gwadar the fresh water it so sorely needs.

Gov’t delays building of breakwater at

 The government has once again postponed approval of its long-delayed Gwadar water project. until confirmation from the Chinese side. because it does not yet have a firm commitment from China. to provide a significant portion of its financial support. for the construction of a breakwater at Gwadar Port. which expected to cost  42.2 billion. The government has approved the CPEC Support Project (CPECSP). for three years with an anticipated cost of  732 million until 2024–2025 in response. to its decision to abolish the CPEC Authority. A team of 37 people made up of 18 officers. and 19 support employees will help the project director in carrying out the project. The project director will be the operational leader of the CPEC-Support Unit. Additionally, one officer each from the Navy and SUPARCO will assigned to the endeavor.

Development Working Party

The Secretary Ministry of Planning will receive reports from the planning department. Despite hosting the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) meeting here on Thursday. the Ministry of Planning did not issue an official press release. According to a senior source. the  96 billion Flood Protection Plan (IV) concept paper accepted by the conference. According to government sources. the Breakwater Project at Gwadar water Port anticipated to cost Rs 42.2 billion. of which 3.12 billion is local. and 39.07 billion is foreign. This offers defense against waves. and monsoonal swells. so that berthing and shipping operations can continue safely. Along with the construction of 4.8 km of East During both the development operational phases.

Breakwater intended to preserve

A envisaged for the Gwadar Port. the Eastbay Fishing Boats Basin future ship services. and bunkering facilities, and the existing multipurpose dock. The eventual development of berths to accommodate. New Generation Ships is part of the Gwadar Port expansion. The Master Plan for the area from 2007 includes gently sloping beaches. and the Gwadar water Port Breakwater intended to preserve. it while minimizing coastal erosion and the effects of siltation in East Bay. The Gwadar Port Breakwater will offer security for port operations. such as dredging, hydrographic surveys, mooring, cargo handling, and berthing and un-berthing.

Potential EPC contractor

The PC-II approved in 2016 and was to carried out by the Gwadar water Port Authority (GPA). in order to perform a feasibility study. for the construction of a breakwater at Gwadar at a cost of . 230 million. It supported by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs (MoMA). A No Objection Certificate was sought by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs (NOC). for signing a Memorandum of Understanding with a Chinese company that required a NOC. from the Ministry of Planning the Ministry of Planning did not grant this NOC. after more than a year had passed. the Ministry of Maritime Affairs inked an MOU with a Chinese business to conduct a feasibility study. The Ministry of Planning objected. saying. that MoMA should justify submission of the PC-I on the basis of the feasibility study in accordance with PPRA rules.

Created based on this feasibility

The PC-I created based on this feasibility study. Second the Ministry of Planning noted. that the precise division of the CDWP said at a meeting held in July 2022. that the Department of Maritime Affairs would hold technical consultations with all stakeholders. including the Ministry of Planning. and the Pakistan Navy to address the remarks contained in the Pakistan Navy report. CDWP added that the Secretary for Economic Affairs (EAD). will submit a report on financial readiness. from the People’s Republic of China for the Gwadar Port Breakwater project.

Specifically  project

The report should include documented evidence clearly showing. that EAD has communicated in the past. the availability of funds to MoMA/GPA specifically for this project. to finance this Gwadar water project. The CPEC Support Program will provide Secretariat support. for CPEC-related activities such as JCC and JWG Mo. PD&SI has announced as the Coordinating. and Leading Body of the Joint Working Group (JWG) from the Pakistan side. Provide all kinds of technical and secretarial support in formulating project plans. and working under the guidance of JWG.
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